Negative Topics on an account?

I have found a devforum account with negative topics? I assume its because the topics were deleted, but still a bug nonetheless.

This could maybe apply for other users, this is just the one that I found.

DISCLAIMER: No hate or witch-hunting to @SpawnScripts, I am just showcasing a bug.


usually if the topics get deleted that happens, probably just a ux bug by discourse. perhaps try asking ?

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It doesn’t seem like this just happens when topics are deleted (cc: @sjr04), but also when ownership is transferred. Not sure which happened here, since it doesn’t seem to trigger for every deleted topic. This can be recalculated using a rake command, though:


Hopefully Roblox uses the rake command to fix this. It doesn’t really affect the website negatively (besides negative topics :joy:) but still should be fixed.

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It says that his user is suspended and that he had created 2 topics, the topics have to belong to someone, so I guess it went to one of the roblox staff. The -2 topics are the 2 topics that he had made and lost. Basically its a bug when you get suspended is what I am guessing.

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I don’t think so. Being suspended is not relevant. This seems to happen when the topic is hardwiped from the DevForum, or transferred from an account. Being suspended doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this.

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The same issue happens with @discobot, which (or would it be “who”?) is admittedly an odd case but is not suspended either.


Thats really strange, I’ve never seen anything like it.

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@rogchamp :flushed: @discobot sure is one oddball lol

@Ex_Bla Yeah, I saw it too and I thought it was a problem with me. I had to reset my cache and everything until I realized it was the DevForum.

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