[Negotiable] Hiring Weapon Designer


Hello! I’m Guest, also known as Blu. I’m a Roblox Developer and a top UGC creator and a former programmer and builder.

The Position

I’m looking to hire an individual that specializes in designing unique and original weapons for an upcoming series of projects of mine. You will be tasked with designing several different types of weapons, ranged from swords, daggers, hammers, spears, staffs to guns from various different genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, modern, and post-apocalyptic. Your designs must be unique in and not reused ideas or assets from other games, movies, books or other media related creations. From time to time you may also be requested to come up with designs with specific requirements that are to be kept in mind, but for the most part you will be given creative freedom. We are needing at least 25 weapons designed in total. With emphasis of each one having a visually distinctive silhouette. Particle effects may also be taken into consideration for weapon design, but a visually distinctive silhouette will be key.

The Compensation

Specifics will be discussed privately between Contractor and Client, your rates are up for negotiation but minimal pay will be over $500.


  • Must be 18 or older to apply.
  • Must have US, Canadian, Mexican or European citizenship.
  • Have great communication skills and the ability to work well with others.
  • Must have a portfolio showing you are experienced with designing weapons of various genres, specifically those of melee weapons. Blunt and sharp!


If you’re interested in working together, then send me your portfolio/resume via my DevForum messages or DM me on Twitter @GuestCapone and include your portfolio/resume in your first message. Thank you!

Disclaimer: This art position is game specific, designs provided will not be used in the Roblox Catalog unless specified.


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