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Greetings! I’m NeonStranger, an experienced Computer Science student from Portugal with a passion for programming and over 9 years of dedicated experience on the Roblox platform. With a solid foundation in multiple programming languages such as C, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Lua, I am confident in my ability to deliver high-quality code and create immersive experiences for Roblox users. Let’s dive into my portfolio and see what I can offer you:

  • Clean and Efficient Code: I prioritize writing code that is clean, well-organized, and optimized for performance, ensuring maintainability and scalability.
  • Quick Delivery: I understand the importance of meeting deadlines and will strive to deliver projects in a timely manner without compromising quality.
  • Clear and Quick Communication: I value effective communication and will keep you informed throughout the development process, addressing any queries or concerns promptly.
  • 100% Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is my priority. I will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.


  • Lua Scripting: I possess extensive knowledge of Lua scripting, including Lua C, enabling me to develop robust and efficient scripts for various platforms within the Roblox ecosystem.

  • Web Development: I have a strong understanding of general web development principles, including proficiency in the Discord API, allowing me to create integrated and interactive experiences within Roblox games.

  • Security: I prioritize building secure systems that are resistant to exploitation, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for users.

  • Team Collaboration: I am experienced in working with teams and adapting to diverse workflows, fostering effective communication and collaboration to achieve project goals.

  • Data Management: I am well-versed in data management and manipulation, utilizing frameworks such as DataStore 2 and ProfileService to efficiently store and retrieve game data.

  • Front-end Scripting: I possess the skills necessary to develop interactive and user-friendly front-end interfaces for Roblox games.

  • Quality Focus: I am dedicated to delivering high-quality work, paying attention to detail and ensuring a polished end product.

  • Scalable Systems: I have experience in building large-scale systems, providing robust and efficient solutions to handle increased user loads.

Example Systems
  1. Inventory: Implement a system that allows players to manage and store their in-game items and resources, enabling them to track and use their inventory effectively.

  2. Store: Create a virtual marketplace where players can purchase in-game items, currency, or additional game features using in-game currency or real-world transactions.

  3. Pets: Design a system that allows players to acquire and care for virtual pets, including feeding, training, and customizing them.

  4. Placement: Develop a system that enables players to place and arrange objects within the game world, allowing them to build and customize their environment.

  5. Tycoons: Create a business simulation system where players can establish and manage their own virtual companies or enterprises, making strategic decisions to maximize profits and expand their empire.

  6. Boss Fighting: Design challenging boss encounters with unique mechanics, abilities, and phases, providing players with thrilling and epic battles.

  7. Quests: Implement a quest system that offers players various missions or objectives to complete, guiding them through the game’s storyline or providing additional challenges and rewards.

  8. Rewards: Develop a system that grants players rewards or achievements based on their in-game accomplishments, encouraging engagement and progression.

  9. Music: Create a music system that allows players to play and enjoy in-game music tracks or customize their own playlists.

  10. Rounds: Design a round-based gameplay system where players compete or cooperate in multiple rounds, with each round bringing new challenges or objectives.

  11. Obbies: Develop obstacle course challenges that test players’ agility and problem-solving skills, offering a series of challenging obstacles to overcome.

  12. Farming: Create a farming simulation system where players can grow crops, raise livestock, and manage a virtual farm.

  13. Admin Dashboards: Design a comprehensive admin dashboard that allows game administrators to manage and moderate the game, including user management, ban systems, and content moderation.

  14. Guns: Implement a robust shooting mechanics system that enables players to use and customize various firearms within the game.

  15. Vehicles: Create a vehicle system that allows players to drive, pilot, or operate different types of vehicles, such as cars, airplanes, or boats.

  16. Pathfinding: Develop an advanced AI pathfinding system that enables non-player characters (NPCs) to navigate the game environment intelligently and interact with players.

  17. Character Customization: Implement a system that allows players to customize the appearance and attributes of their in-game characters, including clothing, accessories, and visual effects.

  18. Custom Characters: Create a system that allows players to design and create their own unique characters with customizable features and abilities.

  19. Cutscenes: Design cinematic cutscenes or scripted sequences that enhance the game’s storytelling and provide immersive narrative experiences.

  20. Advanced Menus: Develop sophisticated menu systems with interactive features, allowing players to navigate various in-game options, settings, and interfaces.

  21. Combat: Create engaging combat mechanics, including melee and ranged combat systems, special abilities, and enemy AI, providing exciting and dynamic battles.

  22. Leveling: Implement a leveling and experience system that allows players to progress and improve their characters or abilities over time, unlocking new features or content.

  23. Horror: Design a horror-themed gameplay experience, incorporating suspense, jump scares, atmospheric elements, and challenging puzzles to create a thrilling and immersive game.

  24. Military: Create military-themed gameplay mechanics, including tactical strategies, team coordination, and realistic weaponry, simulating combat scenarios in a military setting.


Bachelors in Computer Science
September 2022 - Present
Escola Superior De Tecnologia e Gestão do Politécnico de Coimbra, Portugal

Games I’ve Worked On

Stair Tappers - 8.1M Visits
Stair Tappers

Pet Clicker Legends - 5.4K Visits
:zap:Pet Clicker Legends​:zap: - Roblox

Bloxington Springs - Defunct
Spartans VS Ninjas - Defunct

Note: I’ve worked on 100+ commissions from projects which were either not finished or unknown to me. If you have any questions on my experience I’ll be more than happy to prove it to you, by demonstrating through creating a system of your choice.

You can also check out my pastebin for some snippets of code.
NeonStranger’s Pastebin -

I am currently available for new projects and collaborations. My schedule is flexible, and I am committed to delivering high-quality work within agreed timelines. However, please note that availability may vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

To discuss your project requirements and availability, please reach out to me using the contact information provided in the Contact Section below. Kindly provide as much detail as possible about your project, including the desired timeline and any specific milestones or deadlines you have in mind.

I prioritize clear communication and prompt responses to ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration. Upon receiving your inquiry, I will promptly get back to you to schedule a discussion about your project.

Please note that due to high demand, it is advisable to contact me in advance to secure a spot in my schedule. I strive to accommodate projects to the best of my ability and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

I offer flexible payment options for my services. The pricing will depend on the scope and complexity of the project. Please note that I require a deposit or partial payment upfront before starting work. Here are the payment methods I accept:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Cryptocurrency

Once we agree on the project details and pricing, I will provide you with an invoice for the agreed-upon amount. Feel free to discuss your budget and payment preferences with me, and we can find a suitable arrangement.

Please note that I adhere to a transparent and professional payment process. Regular updates and milestones will be communicated to you throughout the project, ensuring transparency and mutual satisfaction.

Feel free to reach out to me using the contact information provided below. I am always available to discuss your Roblox programming needs and answer any questions you may have:

  • Developer Forum
  • Discord (thegardenwarrior)

I look forward to collaborating with you and creating exceptional Roblox experiences together!