Network ownership and Pathfinding/Move to/MoveToFinished problem

The problem occurs when network ownership is being transfered from the server to the client. In order for pathfinding using the moveTo function and the MoveToFinished function to be smooth it seems that the server always needs to have ownership of the primaryPart of the npc that i am using pathfinding with. The problem is that there is a extra delay before MoveToFinished gets called when the client has the networkOwnership of the npc, the delay is long enough for there to a very noticable lag between each iteration of waypoints using the moveTo function.

So i fixed this by checking the networkOwnership before i call moveTo and if its not nil then i set it to nil (nil = the server owns the network). However, this does not seem ideal. Furthermore I have a second problem … quite often when the networkownership changes, the npc stumbles and falls over. Any ideas how to fix this?