NetworkOwnership Exploit Patch (Outdated)

I would recommend also checking the MaximumSimulationRadius property as well, since by default this should be 1000. If exploiters only change the MaximumSimulationRadius, they can achieve the same result as they did by just changing SimulationRadius.

As demonstrated here, Roblox auto increases my SimulationRadius above the 1000 limit, as I’ve set it to math.huge.


MaxSimRadius does not replicate to the server and is not needed to make the exploit work so it’s wasted effort.

Yes, I just checked this, you’re right actually - my apologies there. If anything then, the above is a method to perhaps bypass the check then.

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So if I use this script to ban exploiters, would there be false bans for players that did nothing?

I have to inform you that this patch has recently been rendered useless, as exploiters have found a way around the detection, somehow.

It seems that exploits now have a bypass for this method; using this will only affect their outdated scripts.

Thank you for releasing this patch, this is a wonderful method to get rid of all the annoying exploiters.

Nowadays, exploits like Synapse offer custom functions such as SetSimRadius which doesn’t send a Changed packet but this is still a wonderful patch.

This was released on v3rmillion as well.

I can confirm this patch is real and does actually work for those outdated scripts but I’m pretty sure there’s a new workaround.

I’ve seen the new workaround, in a nutshell they fire a event called SimulationRadiusChanged, which doesn’t get triggered by the server so I’ll be looking for an alternative way, and if I cant then there will have to be a dedicated script to check the controlled parts

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This won’t help. I’m pretty sure exploiters already found method how to bypass it.

They have, but the people who make the scripts haven’t. The real exploit creators have their own functions to set the simulation radius; also, Roblox made SimulationRadius a hidden property it seems. But theres also a sethiddenproperty function so not very effective, not that I think it was meant to stop SimulationRadius exploitation.

Wrong method, easily bypassable, and yet you cannot read changes from a localscript.

What? Can you elaborate?

This method isn’t bypassable - it will not stop, however, people who exploit stuff they already have network ownership of

It is bypassable; see above replies and not just mine.

I don’t know what he’s talking about though. SimulationRadius is meant to replicate. It’s part of physics.

As long as Roblox doesn’t allow us reading out SimulationRadius from players (which isn’t going to happen since they just marked it as hidden), you shouldn’t use automatic part ownership system. Use SetNetworkOwner instead. When I find the motivation I would make a replacement for the automatic system in the future which isn’t exploitable.

Values aren’t replicated in any way, exploits have a trick behind their sleeve to set the value and yet there are better ways to fix it.

They are replicated, otherwise this server script would not work.

The way Network Ownership works is best detailed on the DevHub: Network Ownership
However, to summarise:

  • Roblox Physics is generally not handled by the server, but by individual clients
  • The server decides who is the best player to give that network ownership to, based on range
  • The SimulationRadius property tells the server how close players should be before they are considered as a Network Owner for a physics instance
  • Since this value is used by the server as-is, it can’t be “bypassed” without also negating the point of this exploit.

Exploiters can still screw with Network Ownership - this won’t patch that. However it will patch them arbitrarily extending their network ownership reach to wayy beyond usual.

As @H4XERZZZZ already pointed out, certain exploits fully bypass this patch by apparently firing the SimulationRadiusChanged event with a custom function, which does not trigger the Changed event but does set the property to an arbitrary value. I can confirm that it works and that it does bypass the patch.
Hence why I said in my last reply that with no direct access to the property, the automatic ownership system is unsafe and should be avoided.

Has anyone found a patch to the workaround yet?

The replies on this thread have been a little unclear, does that patch work effectively or not?
I’ve been experiencing this in my game and we had to shut down because of it right after we hit 1 million visits.

Is there any way to counter it?