Neuthard: Professional User Interface Artist

About me

Hey man, I see you scrolling by! I’m a professional ROBLOX user interface designer. I specialize in ROBLOX UI’s, and often times off site too. I’m really new at UI design and have mastered the art of photoshop. If you ever need a cheaper variant of UI’s, I’m your guy! My commissions are always open and will get them done for you as soon as possible. I’m excited to get to know you all, come order!

Showcase of my work

Rythm Bot App Design Concept

How available am I?

I’m usually always available. I’m always on, and will always get your commissions done on time. If you’re wondering if I’m online, message me on my twitter or discord!


My prices can always be negotiated depending on the task.
40+ USD
10K+ Robux
10-15k+ Limiteds
Quick notice, if you are a first time client I prefer a down payment.

My contact information

You may contact me through discord at: neuthard#2498
You may also contact me through twitter: NeuthGFX


You have great work, especially considering you’re new. Nice!

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Thank you so much, it means a lot coming from you! Thank you!

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Very nice work! Wow! Very Nice.

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All jokes aside, Neuthard is a great person to work with and is always helpful. Him entering this field at this current skill is amazing. I vouch for him and hope you all find your time with him as great as mine.

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hugs and more hugs sent from neuth