[New and Open] All devs are needed

Hi we are Brood Productions a brand new family based team of developers. We each have years of experience so we have decided to create our first game individually. The game will be a low poly style Zoo Tycoon. There is much more ideas to it than this and we are going to allow complete customisation for all players making it a fun personal experience.

We are currently hiring all types of developers as the game is in an early stage of development and its still awaiting release.

We are not looking for a minimum time of experience but the game includes complex and difficult ideas that will require skilled developers.
You will need to present us with some of your previous work so we can see your skills and abilities.
You will preferably been part of a previous game and you will be able to use this as part of your portfolio
Portfolios do not need to be pre written but those that are will be guaranteed our attention and some feedback
You must be a MINIMUM of 14 however those slightly younger may be accepted if they have the correct skill set

Pay will consist of both a flat fee and a percentage base. The flat fee will be half way through completing the game. The rest of the payment and percentage will only be given to those who decide to finish the game and stay on the team to work on new updates and bug fixes.

Applications will only be accepted by discord and all others will not be recognized.
Please apply to : codyiscody123#3933
Replies will be given on the same day depending on the time of your application.

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