New animation editor update no longer accepts parts which share the same name?

Image of the error

I always used to be able to edit these rigs containing over a thousand parts before the update, however it seems to be no longer accepted for whatever reasons?

It doesn’t really make sense considering parts with the same name can still be bound together, why was this changed and is there a way to bypass this? It would be a pain if I had to go through a process of renaming all the thousand parts one by one, and then bind them all together one by one afterwards.

Edit: By using this plugin I managed to still be able to edit the old rigs, however it would be nice if I could still make use of the new animation editor instead of the old one. So if there is a way to bypass it I’d be glad to hear about it.

Parts with the same name can still be connected together via Motor 6D, that is correct. However, if you were to have a key on one of them, the in-game animation system applies the same transform to all of the same name even though they aren’t keyed. It’s come to my understanding since this new editor released that some users take advantage of this in order to mirror transforms onto other parts. However, if you put different keys on each of those same named joints, they will start to conflict, and in addition if the system were to ever fix this, you may be out of luck anyways.

The real solution is to formally support mirroring in the editor. We’re also considering a way to fixup old models and their animations that utilized duplicate names.