New Chess Game, how to get players to come back?


I have this chess game, and it is OK but I’m looking for ideas to add a competitive aspect, so players do not get bored. Do you think I should add a wins system? What other things should I add in? Just to keep players coming back.

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So I checked your game, The first thing I see is this

You should definitely update the UI and add a menu, Where you could play with AI since there’s no player, And also add a win system at the leaderboard


Was not able to see the game due to lack of players. Chess games need an Ai/Bot to play against. Since it’s a new game it is very important.

*Edit - after getting to play: Camera was stuck.
Game seems a bit like Chess - Roblox (Not to mention the camera was broken on mobile + Chess - Roblox is not available on mobile.)

Does not seem like an original idea… I apologize if I am wrong.

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I definitely agree with you in this, But having an AI worths it


In simple games like this, i always decide to add power-ups/abilities to keep the players hooked to the game, i don’t know how familiar you are with scripting but a feature i would add is something like stunning, which prevents the opponent from making a move (kind of like the cancel card in uno)

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Apart from all the previous ideas,

  1. You could do with the wins, something like “levels” to bring the new players together to face other new players and not with someone who is very advanced, and who does not feel like a very long game, for the wins
  2. (complex) also in a certain number of wins you could add skins to the pieces so they have a goal