New command line tool for creating lua files

I really wanted to get source control on individual lua files on my Roblox project.

I starting looking at Rojo but there wasn’t much documentation on what it was actually doing behind the scenes and how it actually worked, and I know that doesn’t really matter to most but so much of the Roblox environment is already a mystery to me that the prospect of adding more mystery filled me with a bit of dread, so I’ve knocked up this little .NET utility which maybe others may find useful.

It reads the .xml Roblox Studio file and takes each lua script and saves it as a separate text file, these can then be committed to Git or TFS or SVN or OneDrive, whatever you’re using to save your source code. It also creates a folder structure to mimic the structure in Roblox Studio.

It’s pretty lightweight, just sharing it incase others find it useful…