New Curriculum Paths in Creator Documentation

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Thank you for flagging up this issue. I have escalated this to the appropriate team, and I’ll let you know when we have a solution.


how does this effect tidal wave taking over acheron as #1 demon??


Good looking! I am glad localization is being pushed more, especially in area of documentation - I will definitely have to leave some feedback in the Q&A.

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I’m gonna see if this can get my friend to understand studio…


The one on Environmental Design (and maybe the last bit of the platformer one) seems pretty useful to me. I think the polishing and performance aspect is something I really need some help on for my next game, so I will definitely be checking that out sometime soon. Looking forward to what’s next and how it could help!

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The best way to learn how to use Roblox Studio is to figure it yourself.
Same thing for those who want to learn Lua programming: copying and pasting code will not make you better at scripting, since you don’t try to figure out what to do by yourself.

So uhh, I don’t think that your tutorials are really useful in any case since you just gave the place file at every step in your documentation.

Although I agree that by copy pasting code you don’t learn
I disagree that these tutorials are useless - they DO HELP

You might know your coding… and it seems a waste
But as a beginner, been messing around on coding
It has helped click where I was wrong, and insightful none the less

So a BIG Thanks to @Roblox Hope to see more of these in the near future