New dragger beta breaks when attempting to drag an object that is outside of the Workspace

For the past few days I have been trying out the new Lua dragger beta in Studio. I do not know if this error has occured before today, but an hour ago when attempting to work with ViewportFrames, I noticed that dragging a model outside of Workspace throws an error, and freezes the dragger. The only new dragger you can use is the Scale dragger, but attempting to use the Move or Rotate dragger causes this error to be thrown.

The draggers, when frozen look like this. This does not only occur on the Y-axis, even though that is what is attempted to be dragged in the image.


When you attempt to switch the dragger you are using, this error is thrown, but the dragger still switches.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a Part or a Model, and insert it into the Workspace. It should be movable from there.
2. Move the Part or Model to a place where it is not visible, such as ServerStorage or ReplicatedStorage or a ViewportFrame.
3. Use the Move or Rotate dragger to attempt to modify the part. This should throw the first error shown above.
(Optional) 4. Attempt to switch the dragger you want to use, this should throw the second error above.

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This happened to me the day that the lua draggers were released, and I couldn’t figure out a way to fix it. I just switched back to the old draggers.

This is on our list of stuff to fix. Expect a fix for this problem to make it onto production around April 16.


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