New "Drawn with my phone" piece!

Some days ago I shared with you the challenge “I drew this with my phone!” on this post: New style of drawing for me: Drawn GFX

Spoiler: Just 1 person actually cared about it

But that didn’t matter, because Im still proud of my creations, and I wanted to share this with you!

Video of me drawing it

Dark Drawing - YouTube

Feedback is hugely appreciated. Ty for reading :wink:


wow that is impressive! did you use a stylus or your finger?

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All was done with my finger. Glad you liked it!

that is even more impressive haha, i love it!

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Wow thats really impressive. I cant even draw a roblox noob with my finger. This is what I did using my finger( REALLY BAD)

lol it doesnt even look like anything


I can’t even make lines that straight. You should be proud.

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Accually its cuz I used a really thick pen to do that. With thinner pens its harder.

So try using thicker pens, maybe that can help you a bit when drawing stuff.

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