New Game: Bowl With Friends [Official Release]

Good day to all of you developers! This is my alt: PatitoCeb and my main account is Nenesaurio1. I have worked on a game for quite a while now and have been wondering what I should add right now. I would love to have some feedback and constructive criticism. (If you get the four easiest achievements, props to you)

Here is my game: Bowl With Friends [Official Release]


Please rate my game after testing it, thanks!

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(Don’t forget to post what I can improve)
Thank you all in advance, have a good day!


Fun game and cool concept but the graphics are not very good. If you could make the graphics and UI better it would probably be a 8.5/10. Otherwise good job so far.

Building can use some work, UIs too, but its functional and fun

Good job

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UI and Building really needs work on, it just looks not super appealing and low quality.

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Thanks, @Clojule, @Coolsbloxian, and @LifeDigger for the feedback! Could you all elaborate a little bit on how I could improve and what assets specifically I could improve?

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It just in general feels like it was made within a few minutes and low quality. Like sure somethings look super good (such as the bowling pins on the wall as decoration) but the text looks un-neat, some of the textures don’t really match and some of the items look super bad quality.

What textures should I fix, and what items look like they’re low quality?

For example grass and dirt on the walls?


For example:


What texture would you recommend for the green wall?
(The Black/Brown wall texture isn’t Ground, it’s Granite, should I still change it?)

ok, i would say it´s a cool game, the UI needs some work, maybe like add UI corners and change the Ui colour, but i would say hmm 7.8/10!

btw, if i joined the game some parts was falling into the ground. maybe fix that!!

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Do you have a recommendation for how I should add UI corners?

@LifeDigger, I have finished improving what you told me to improve, would it be possible to tell me if it’s better or worse?