New game coming soon!

Hello everyone!

I’m currently working at a new game!
It’s a kind of ride a box, but with beautiful landscape and much more



Looks okay, not sure what I’m really looking at and theres not much to judge. Too many variations of trees and the road in pic 1 is not connected

I like the theme you’re going for however, if the terrain is going to look a bit empty in certain areas. Maybe experiment with sizing? A lot of trees come in different shapes and sizes, consider placing a few branches on the trees going different angles so it could look more interesting at the start it looks good add some variation to the trees so it doesn’t look repetitive buildings and other objects could be placed if your already going to add that.

Add more of those little bush models. The picture is taken from an odd angle, so there isn’t much to go on. Since it’s still in development I would like to see the final results very soon as I’m quite interested.

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