New game concept I am working on, what should I do to make it better?

New game concept I am working on, what should I do to make it better?

Any suggestions, like a new, better map, gui, shops etc. Please let me know as I am actually planning on releasing this game for the public.

Trumpet “notes” do ammo and you want to have a lot of kills.


Hey, I like where you are going with it. A few areas of critique:


  • From what I can tell, the concept seems fun (blast music at each other?)
  • Map colors are vibrant - good choice of pallet. Lighting looks good as well.
  • I like the headstones, haha. They fit well.


  • Map is really small/lackluster. More details & variety would make it interesting. A larger map (if not empty) would do well. Having multiple maps for variety would minimize player boredom.
  • Trumpet sound is annoying when repeated over and over. Randomizing the sound would work well.
  • Adding more weapons to choose from would be good.
  • Giving coins/kill, which could be spent on the aforementioned items, would be good.

Overall, solid start. It will be a fun game - a good learning experience for future products. Have fun with it.


I really like the Idea of the Game but there are Positives and Negatives,


  • Its a really nice Lightning with cool and realistic Shadows. Its Perfect for the Theme Fall
  • The Building Design is really simple and i think a simple Design should be enough for a game like this
  • The Idea to kill someone with an Instrument is nice and how you maked it is really good too Respect.


  • I think that the Map is too small, you should make a bigger one or you make a Mapvoting/RandomMap system to add more Maps if you want to.
  • The Sound of the Trompet is a little annoying when you hear it over and over again you should make it so that the Sound changes after every shot and this in a Random loop.
  • You Should add a Shop or something else inside you game so that the Players can buy other Weapons (like a Guitar or else), and also give a Player like 5 to 20 Coins per kill to buy the New Weapons.
  • And a last thing is that the Weapon should shot in the Direction the Player is looking at

This is everything but Keep going this Game looks amazing😄

I think the lighting could use some improvement, try using these properties, they might work (adjust the colours if it doesn’t fit):


As Rezrift said, the map is very small. Maybe add rotating maps, or just make it bigger with more areas, like an underground cave. Looks pretty nice so far though! Definitely something I would play to pass time.

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