[NEW GAME RELEASED IN ALPHA] Looking for feedback on my new game

[CLOSED AGAIN] Sorry guys, I’ve got to get to bed.

[NOTE: Game requires 3 players to play]

Hey, I’ve been working on this game for many months now, and it is still far from complete. It is in early alpha right, so expect many bugs. I’ve done extensive testing with my group’s testers, and I’ve sorted out majority of bugs we have discovered, and improved the games in areas they’ve recommended. I’m finally taking the next step and releasing it for public feedback, though if the game has some major flaws, I will have to make it private again.

Please be as constructive and critical as possible, as I really want this to be a high quality, enjoyable game! Thanks for your time!

You can contact me on discord also for feedback, or if you wish to become a tester in my group, you can add me: EndCredits#0843


‘You do not have permission to access this game.’

Sorry, found a game-breaking bug, had to make a quick update. Hopefully everything is okay now! It’s back open!

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Pretty good game! The GUIs worked perfectly on mobile. With only 2 people it was hard to kill the virus guy. Overall great.

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Thanks for checking it out! Do you think it is at a stage where it could be released for public players?

I believe it could use some more work, such as ambient lighting, nerfs or buffs, or hiding the monster UI, but over all, its a cool concept for a game.

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Thank you! I agree with everything you said. The lighting has been something I’ve played around with a lot, can’t get it how I really want it thus far. And balancing the game for both sides proofs to be quite difficult, but I’m hoping there’s an adjustment coming soon for the actual Virus/monster to make it more balanced for both sides!

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There is another game really similar to this called the stalker: The Stalker: Reborn - Roblox

This game would probably be considered the same genre as my game, I would agree. However, I don’t think they are sharply similar to one another. Both games share similar elements but I think both games offer a unique experience for this genre. At least I hope so, I don’t want to be compared to other games as a copycat, as I am hoping to release a game that is fresh for players and brings a new level of fun to this genre. Thanks for checking out the game nonetheless, I’m disappointed it didn’t leave an impression on you, hopefully I can change your mind with future updates showcasing it’s more unique side!

Ok, I would also like to point out the stalker is one of my favorite games. So take it as a compliment. I think the game has some real potential.

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