[New game]Requiring Feedback on my groups game

Hi people,
My group has made this game called-“RoSquare”.
I would like if you guys would test it and tell us how it is.
There arent many assests for now.
Link to game:


Upon joining the game, I was immediately teleported to one of those “Loading…” games and back to the game. I believe that there is a free model (or more) with a Loading… script in the workspace.

Are you using anything to remove these scripts?

Edit: I’m not sure if Loading… is directly linked to free models, but some models in the game seem similar to free models. (Cars, Burger King)

I’m with what exactly @unpickled stated. When you join the game, in about 30 seconds or so, you are immediately teleported into the same exact game. When I walk around, there is a lot of miss placed grass around the map

Another thing I would like to mention is there’s a lot of models that shouldn’t be in the gameimage They feel extremely out of place and I suggest you put more trees. There is a lot of open space also. When you get passed a certain building, you can see there is a lot of vacant space available for you to use.
The game’s decent, but I suggest you put some more work into this, so it could give your group members something to play.

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