New GFX | Blender

Hello everyone!
Today I got some new GFX For yall!
This was requested for me to make it from someone, any they rejected at the same time as I sent them it.
So check it out!



It looks very good! Although it’s a bit hard to tell what he is doing, maybe try include the parachute in the picture?

Secondly, the sun is behind him, not in front of him. Why do I see light on his body as if its coming from in front of him?

Keep up the good work!



Thank you, will improve on that.

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Wow! It’s great just one question. how do you make these sort of things, I’m trying to make a car body in blender but its not working too well.


I don’t really make models such as vest’s, helmet’s ext.
I use ACS Armor and guns.


Ttry starting small, and practice until you get better. Learn all the features in Blender and watch tutorials.


Awesome ! Just wondering , did you made this for a specific game or just for fun?

It was for a specific game, but they declined it.

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oh , I’m sorry to hear that , good job tho

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it doesn’t really look like he is holding a parachute, and it is very clear that the background is just an image. try to make it be affected by lighting, or just render the front mountain, and the back mountains are image.

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