New GFX Feedback

Hello! I made a GFX for @Bluay, since he inspired me to get into rendering soo I would like some feedback for it!


Ummmmmm wellllll… Maybe add some PBR textures and bend the character arms by using the paint rig… No offense but needs some work… You should look on YouTube for some tutorials.

This is a good simple one I found:


I think it’s not a terrible start but I would definitely focus on adding some “flare” to it. Right now this looks like it could honestly almost be a screenshot from in-game, I tend to appreciate the renders that create scenes that look outside the realm of even roblox.

Watch some tutorials, even on photoshop, rather than just ok ROBLOX stuff. Keep at it thought can’t wait to see what you make.

Hey, not a bad start at all. Most people who create GFX use free software like Blender and If you want to create higher quality GFX, I’d highly suggest checking them out.

Good luck!

I think that this is a good start. You need to improve on things such as the lighting, the background and maybe more small improvements which would make it overall better.

It looks fine, one thing I would change is:

Body Position:

I would make him go down on one knee in a crouching position, like this image I found:

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Not bad for a first try!

I’d suggest looking at some YouTube tutorials to help you work on some things depending on the program you’re using (Learning how to use lighting, how to pose a character, camera positioning, etc). One thing I would recommend for a start however is adjusting the character. To me, he looks a little too stiff. It’d be interesting to put him in a different pose instead of just standing there, whether it’s laying down on his front, kneeling, or just bending the legs a little to give him a bit of a stance. It looks sort of awkward with him just standing upright.

If you’re up for a challenge, I’d recommend learning how to use a rig (or subdividing) as this can give you all sorts of oppertunities when it comes to posing characters. You can bend their limbs however you like and give off a much more natural look to a pose.

Another thing I’d suggest is maybe moving your camera closer to the subject, with the image you’ve provided, the background is relatively empty and therefore doesn’t need much attention drawn to it. You’d want to focus on your subject more.

All in all though, not bad for a beginner! Keep at it!

Nice! Maybe put the legs in a pose?

I would suggest using R15 and posing it a bit more complex next time you do a render, I would also suggest either making the character larger or zooming in.

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i like the lighting for the character itself, however, there can still be a lot of work done to up your render significantly;

one: bland background. try to experiment with textures. the sand and overall background is extremely dull. whether you use blender, cinema 4d, maya, etc., there are definitely videos on youtube and great sites where you can get resources for applying textures. this makes your background less boring, and more realistic.

two: the posing needs work. this may be hard to transition to, especially if you are only starting out. if you are starting out, however, you have great progress. back to what i was saying before, use a rig. rigs are some of the most useful downloadable 3d files out there, that allow you to pose your character way more dynamically, giving you more flexibility to express the actions of your characters. there are a ton of roblox rigs that you can find for cinema 4d and blender, just search up something like “c4d roblox rig” or “blender roblox rig” and you’ll get great results. once you start experimenting more with the rigs, your gfx would be better in no time. currently, you are only using r6 posing, the legs are completely stiff, the character overall seems dead. rigs will change that.

three: overall lighting and shadows. i did say previously that i liked how the lamp created the cool subtle rim lighting on the character, but you need to pay attention to how the background is affected. the shadow on the edge of the character seems unrealistic. i recommend experimentation with how shadows, emissive lamps, and hdris work.

four: environmental lighting. if you aren’t using one already, use an hdri. this is extremely important for the audience can capture the mood that you personally wanted to express with yourself, other than the lamps that you can place in the scene as well. there are hdri tutorials on youtube, and you can find great resources for hdris themselves on sites like find one that you like, apply it after learning how it works in the tutorial, do some mapping if needed, and you’re good to go!

five: try to work with shaders. im a blender user, but whatever program you used to make this gfx in will probably have shaders. watch tutorials on them, and learn the functions for each one so you can learn when to appropriately use them in your renders.

sorry if this was a lot! but i hope you at least take some of these into consideration. they’re very important and i wished that i could have learnt about them sooner when i first started out.

I feel as if this graphic is really nice! Especially since you have a background. However, I would like to see slightly more bent limbs and maybe a better quality shadow. But that’s all! Really nice!

Much love. <3