New Guis for Zombiesdale

I’ve been toying with customized player list / backpack / health bar for Zombiesdale (and likely some other games). Right now it’s just a visual mock-up, here’s a screenshot:

It’s online at my paid-access Game Testing place, but currently it’s non-functional, so only go there if you want to make a donation. :wink:

The items in the hotbar represent the sort of things that can be created with my WIP crafting system. The thumbnails themselves are automatically created with GUIs, necessitating the custom hotbar.

Any opinions? I’m going for a functional look, without many embellishments.

Looks totally awesome, um3k! That custom hotbar is great, especially since you’re generating the pictures yourself. Keep up the good work!


O.o me likey. So you’re rewriting the whole core GUI system?

Borders. Also tone down the eye-piercing neon colors please lol.

Creating the pics for the tools is a pretty cool idea. Are you actually making the 3D tools customizable like that too?

WAIT – Shedletsky was in your game!?

Thanks, guys.

More or less. It’ll be tailored to my own needs and not as general-purpose, though. I’m thinking about doing a custom chat system, where the players have tunable radios, and can only see chats from people who are nearby or are on the same radio channel. Maybe even throw in some echoes from other servers on calm nights…

Well, the chat system is intended to accurately represent team colors, something the default system is not very good at. However, I agree that it’s a bit bright, and will look into making it less glaring. The lack of borders is intentional, but is subject to change.

Yeah, the crafting system amounts to building a tool out of voxels, and having it function differently based on how it is built. Here’s a sneak peek from last year. It’s been delayed a lot due to life happening, but I intend to finish it in the not-too-distant future.

Straightforward question, trick answer: He’s not in the game in that screenshot, everything is a non-functioning mockup with fake text. However, he has indeed visited Zombiesdale a few times.