New GUIs with UICorner

Hello Developers,
I am currently working on some GUI’s for one of my games. How do they look?

I do not have an animation for it yet.

I would like any advice for me to improve. Thanks!


It looks great but a bit basic, try changing the UI to pastel colours and on the second and fourth GUI, it looks as if the words are coming off of it.


Thank you for your feedback, I’ll fix the problems :smile:

I’ve changes up the colors. This better? Let me know what to change. :smile:
guis v2

Yeah, it definitely fits better.

I like it :smile:

What I think would look good but this just in my option is them to be brighter because not trying to be rude or anything but they look a little dull. People are more attracted to things with bright colors. I do like the shadow at the bottom and the rounded eages look real nice.

Please like if this help you


Thank you for your feedback, I have fixed them. Hopefully they look better. I have saved them into my game. BUT, since the UICorners are not in Roblox (They’re only in studio) the rounded edges will not show and will only show squares. Feel free to take a look at the new GUI’s in game.