New HSV clamp warning fails to tell me where problem is in game

Within the past few months, I started seeing When converting to HSV, color values must be within the range of [0, 1]. Out-of-range values have been clamped. warnings appear in-game F9 and Studio logs.

Eight of them appear. But my game is huge. Too many assets or code to determine. But I am struggling to even repro what is causing it, because Color3.fromHSV(10,10,10) doesn’t cause it … so I am unsure what to even look for in my game. Maybe it’s related to some Instance property?

So, the bug here is that this warning does not point me in any helpful direction. Please either document what causes this, or make the warning more informative to point me! Much appreciated.


Thanks for the bug report. We have a fix for this coming in next week’s release.


Great, thanks!

Ok, I finally figured out it was :ToHSV() causing it. Excited for line number warnings to drop


Please note that if there’s additional Lua warnings occurring without line numbers we should be fixing these things! Thank you for your bug report.


Hi @badcc , we just rolled out a change to Studio so that those logs can be clicked on and navigate you to the code lines causing the warnings. Please update Studio to verify it! Thank you


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