New members at RDC


Will new members be receiving invites in wave 4, have any new members been invited yet or in the past?


New Members have been invited for this RDC and last year’s RDC. And when it comes to wave 4, refer to the following post.


Yeah I received one last year as long as nothing changed they should be sending them out.


Yeah you’ll probally he invited on the last waves., and there is already a post made about this. Which you could find here.


I’m pretty sure @vCaffy received an invite at wave 1 but I’m not to sure so correct me if I’m wrong.
Edit: @vcaffy has clarified that he recieved an invite at wave 1 so it is possible for new members to be on any wave. Don’t know about new members in wave 4 though its a likely possibility… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Yes, I received an invite in wave 1 and I am a new member.

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I received an invite in wave 2 and I am a new member.


Do you have a popular game at all ?


I created Dungeon Quest, which gathered quite a lot of attention on release.
I would think this is the main (probably only) reason I was invited so early on.


I think so. I can’t imagine any new members being invited unless they have a popular game or VERY VERY active on the forum.