New Monorail system [Filtering Enabled]

[sub]My 1,000th post[/sub]
Making a train system for a secret project. Will make post when done or close.

Non-Mobile platforms:
W - Increase speed
D - Decrease speed

Mobile platforms:
None atm

Gui Controls:
Start: Starts (and stops) train
Lights: Controls front lights

When something is in the regen area:

Gif no load :confused:

  1. FULL mobile controls
  2. Full cargo train

Some gifs were too big, best one goes to the place. :stuck_out_tongue:
Any comments on the trains? Place can be found here.

if you can’t couple and de-couple it’s not a train :<

I think you mean brake/braking :o

I was considering that, but it would become a little hard to code, max speeds would decrease, and also, these systems are built for 2 cars + 1 main. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was about to say how well they drive, then it fell off on the first corner then… some sort of lack of syncing between the client and the server??? Regardless, I look forward to seeing it when it’s finished.