New Obby Game - Feedback

Hello, Roblox Community

My name is Snowflake and I am a Roblox developer, communicator, designer and content creator. I usually don’t develop games as a job on Roblox but I did for fun. The outcome of this project is mixed that is why I would like your feedback on my new obby game “Tower of Pain”.

In this game, you have to jump, run, float and fly through a obby. Simple, right? No, there are no checkpoints!! The obby is huge, filled with more than 30 impossible stages of pain. Can you be the one to complete this obby? Try it now, linked below!

Here is the game link if you would like to try it out, once you do, please give me some feedback and I may take your feedback and use it to improve the game. Here is the link: Tower Of Pain - Roblox.

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)

Why this is in the correct category?
I placed my topic into this category because I am sharing a “cool creation” I made on Roblox with the community. It also belongs here because I am asking for some “feedback” on my “cool creation”.

Development Team Members
Lead Developer - @SnowflakeForest10
Beta Developer - @SLAPtheonedude
Beta Developer - @BarbieDolldesign83


I suggest you put the body type as R6 not R15 because R6 is better for obbys or towers.


Awesome idea. I will do that to make the obby a bit easier.

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