[NEW][OPEN] AlvinPolys - Modeling/Building RECREATED

The only such map I have is not with the same style as the one you request a link to… And its scale is 700x700 studs…

Currently open! Hit me up on discord for commissions for here @AlvinPolys, thanks for your time!

Are you in hire of a music composer still.

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Currently open and looking for commissions!

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Heya! Trying to send you a friend request but can’t locate your Discord. Might be an error on my side but i’d appreciate it if you could send me a request RickyTheFishy#1234

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Sorry! My discord Nitro was over a day ago. Here is my new tag AlvinPolys#5233
EDIT: My Discord Nitro is back, and the tag is back to AlvinPolys#0001

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Very nice work here. Looks really solid.


Taking 1-2 more commissions for this week. Hit me up if you are interested on discord: AlvinPolys#0001

Add me on discord. Might have something that’ll interest you. Are you any good with skeletons? Like giant rib cages, skulls, etc?

Open for commissions once more! Hit me up on discord if you are interested in hiring me. AlvinPolys#0001


Until Sunday, any commission will have 30% discount as I have just finished mid-way exams and I got some free time.

Nice work. Well made and vibrant. I am contacting you now.

Do you currently make these still?

Yes, however not complex ones. The level of complexity I am providing for armors is the same as of that image.

Hello! It have been a while since my last commission as I have been extremely busy. I’m happy to say that I’m back to work and accepting commissions!

Hello! Since the next few days are a holiday for me, I will be finishing and handing over any commissions requested within two days. If you are interested make sure to contact me on DevForum @AlvinPolys or on Discord at AlvinPolys#0001 Thanks!

Currently a little busy thus will only be accepting 2 commissions for this week.
If you are interested make sure to contact me on DevForum @AlvinPolys or on Discord at AlvinPolys#0001 Thanks!

Well if you mean that it isn’t accurate just because your avatar is flying then it isn’t @AlvinPolys problem but it is a bug with the mesh faces it happens always when you make a map in blender that’s why you’ll never see a map made with blender in a game