[NEW] parakeet in a bathroom

This is my game, parakeet in bathroom. If there is any feedback it is appreciated. Any features you want to see, then just say. Here is the game:

  1. Good thumbnail
  2. A bit laggy
  3. Simple

I would recommend just making more areas and secrets
and if I would to rate it 1-10 I would probably rate it 7.2/10
only because its a big laggy

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If you are able to make like a leader board with how many coins you have and you could buy different gears that would be very cool

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  1. the game is a bit laggy for me, even on lowest graphics settings and i have a decent computer
  2. there’s not much to do, after i explored all the areas i got bored pretty quickly as there are not much objects you can interact with. i expected things to be more chaotic because of the thumbnail
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I’ve been trying to fix this with a lot of anti lag scripts but it’s still not working for some reason

What kind of gears would you like to see?

remove all of them, theres no such kind as anti lag scripts, they do the exact opposite.

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