New people are ruining the forum

Warning: I’m not talking about everyone, I’m just talking about new people who instead of wanting to help and learn, just come and bother the community.

Since a few weeks ago I see a growth in the forum (I know there has been for a long time), but now they only make a mess post in #development-discussion as Can i have chance to rank up? or I’m going to leave roblox, or they stole my account, etc,

And now people just want to become regular, which worries me, the forum is not to have high ranks or unlock medals is to help people who need in their games, to comment on forum issues and more.

Please, if you are one of the above mentioned people, don’t ruin the forum we have been taking care of for a long time : (

Here are an example in case you don’t understand:


I somehow agree but they are new users, they dont know that much about the devforum, as someone who joined the devforum this year i only come here for scripting help and help in development, getting badges and ranks is nice but what’s the point, the devforum is for help, not badges or ranks.

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That’s what people naturally want to do, get ranked higher to show “fame” or “popularity”. New members aren’t ruining the foums, it’s just like saying children ruin the school. The purpose of these 2 things is to help people learn, and of course sometimes some things just don’t go the way it’s supposed to go.


Those are two completely different things, you can’t make an example of the children who go to school, they are going to learn, I am talking about the new ones ruining a forum with peace, there are people who create a +13 account and join the forum, which is not good at all, that’s why disaster is generated, and that disaster is reflected in bad answers or negative comments.

What would be your solution to this? Lock the DevForums from new members?

There will always be the bad apples who don’t know how to properly contribute. Influxes in new members correlates to more of these bad apples, nothing more can be done except teaching them what’s right to do or unfortunately moderating their account.


Don’t talk about having a solution, just try to make them see that some of their posts are not right in this forum.

Sorry bad english, im not from USA

I feel like people aren’t using the developer forums anymore because they are a developer. I think it’s currently becoming the next generation regular Roblox forum (where Development Discussion is used as the All Things Roblox category).

This hurts and the Developer Engagement Team has to work on a solution! Hurry up with the new post-approval, implement an (semi-)automated application process (where members willing to join have to send some of their creations as application), and so on…

About the promotions to regular… this is bad… very bad. The focus is currently on getting promoted, not on developing on Roblox.


I completely agree this is an issue, even though I am also a new member. The DevForums when I first started reading them had proper resources that weren’t just straight knock offs of videos or external sources, and actually proper grammar.

I really believe that this is a big issue and the Development Engagement team should really be focusing on this.

I’ve been browsing the forums anonymously for over year at this point.

If these topic creators haven’t read the guidelines/rules correctly, what makes you think they’ll read a relatively minor post in Forum Feedback?

Maybe it might be worth suggesting a solution which’ll spread awareness more?

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Only way to do this would be to moderate the forum more, or increase the steps in order to gain access to the forum (commenting, posting, etc…). This could deter people who aren’t dedicated, but could also deter people who are looking to legitimately contribute to the forum. In the end there aren’t really any ways to do this without making it unfair to certain people unless you increase the human moderation team quite alot.

The best solution in our case is create a PSA topic and have it pinned. This is one thing though, to effectively get the message out there, someone, who is not a top rank, Roblox employee, etc. needs to create this. If new users see that their own “kind” are advising these rules and ways of creating topics that truly contribute to the forum’s experience, it’ll actually cause a greater effect. If a user with a higher rank does it, it’s not recommended as new users will be like “Oh, another Roblox rule” or “It’s an admin making these rules.” which will not affect anything. The PSA in #collaboration had a great effect as it wasn’t noticeable that it’s from a top rank.

Another way is to just create an approval system, however, it’s not likely to return for a while or in foreseeable future.

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We have one of these already, it’s called the forum rules. There’s a lot of people that don’t care about it.

To quote BuildThomas

People will/are likely to ignore it because it’s too long to read. If it is clearly spelled out with the do’s and dont’s of the #development-discussion, it’ll have a greater effect. Examples are best too.

I do agree, many of the new users after the no applications are spoiling the DevForums with wrongly created topics, or ones that can be found just on Google.

I’m not trying to be rude to that group of people, I mean I even joined after the applications left, but a lot of these people make topics like (example): “How do I a gamepass?”
I’ve even seen topics created that literally have nothing to do with Dev, and would belong on the Forums…

You should know that they are technically new to DevForum, that’s why they can make these mistakes. You shouldn’t just create this topic and ruin their journey in here. They came here is to learn to be better. Yes, there might be some people wants high rank, but all you can do is just flag it and let the moderators deal with it. What’s the big deal?