NEW RDC Hotel Vacancies!

We are ONE MONTH away from #RDC2019! Due to increased demand, we are excited to announce an additional block of hotels for RDC SF and the RDC London Viewing Party. These hotel costs are subsidized by Roblox to help make your RDC experience more seamless and enjoyable.

RDC SF: Click here to purchase a 2-night hotel stay for RDC SF - The Crowne Plaza hotel is a ten minute walk from the Hyatt Regency SFO venue.

RDC London: Click here to purchase a 1-night hotel stay for RDC London - The Hilton Euston is a 5 minute walk from the 30 Euston Square venue.

These additional hotel rooms are very limited & will sell out - purchase now!


O h. That would be nice to know earlier.

Hope it’s a nice place for those who go.


Why didn’t you tell us earlier, not a MONTH before? It was stated before that Roblox would NOT be offering hotel stays for UK. I’ve had to book train tickets home on the SAME NIGHT because there was hardly any hotel availability and it was cheaper to come home on that night than to stay over, which means I have to sacrifice time at the event. I’m sure there’s many others who have had to buy hotels elsewhere as well because of this, further away from the area or for more money. Beyond a joke.

Taken before Hotels were announced:

RDC London is NOT justifiable at all for European developers outside of the UK and/or London, and this will most certainly show from the turnout at the event. Flight/Train Prices, hotel costs and all the other expenses do not make the event worth travelling for, especially when it’s not even half a day.

I hope Roblox realises what a ridiculous mistake it was to put on a Viewing Party, and to bring back a proper RDC EU for 2020. Just look at the amazing turnout for RDC Amsterdam last year.

Everything seems to have been left right until the last minute - The official announcement of the dates/locations were late, the tickets came out late, the wave system was vague and developers didn’t know what wave they were in or when the next wave was going to come out - and now hotel rates are coming out for London at the last minute. It was so bad it became a meme. I’m sure the entire developer community, London or US, would appreciate more communication from the RDC team next time, not just “SoonTM” on everything.

At a time where Roblox is internationalising, pushing into the European market and trying to expand to more European devs, they cut the RDC event there. Why?


If this was available from the start I think much more people would have come, myself included…
I come from France and now trains tickets are too expensive, it’s not worth to come just for the viewing party! Next year we want RDC EU back.


Thanks for the information… If it was given along with the invitation I would most likely have bought tickets, but now it’s too late.

As far I’m aware this RDC have been a failure so far, and a lot of the bigger developers have dropped this year due the mess with RDC EU.

EDIT: I’m from Norway so train is not an option, flight is too expensive for a half-day viewing party, and in the original math there would be a full price hotel needed. If it was a regular RDC in London I would’ve bought tickets without thinking twice, but this?


I was looking forward to attending this year after not being able to attend last year but after hearing that RDC EU was just a ‘viewing party’ I for sure was not going to attend especially because it financially costs a lot more than it’s worth for a few hours that one night.


One of the reasons i am not going is because i coudent find some where to stay, Annoucing one month before it begins is quite stupid. otherwise i might have gone towards the viewing party. but its now tolate to change anything, already have made plans to go on holiday in august.


As much as I do appreciate the opening of additional rooms for RDC US, announcing this a month before is an absolute joke. This needed to be added much earlier so that we can actually plan travel and hotel/other arrangements properly and not waiting until the last minute as airfare prices rise substantially. Even worse for the London Viewing Party when it was previously stated that there would not be hotel offerings because it was a one day event. Being more transparent about these things in the future would make it much easier on everyone involved and enable more developers to attend.

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Such a disaster!

Stating in the beginning that RDC EU will not have any hotels available a month ago and encouraging developers to make their own arrangements and then suddenly turning 180 isn’t wise, if not hostile to European developers.

If anything, this one day event ticket should have been priced higher with the hotel included in the beginning! Did they not look into this option when planning the event?

Did they look at the poor turnout for the event and thought it was because of accommodation? Not because it is just a 1 day event viewing party to check what’s exciting on the other side of the world? Even so, with the RDC EU attendee list, will the hotel ticket even sell out, considering most probably made their accommodation plans?

RDC is a month away and people have already made their plans. People that already decided to go to RDC EU just got ran over by this announcement; I hope many of them can still cancel their probably more expensive accommodations.

In the year that Roblox pushes for its European localization and getting in touch with their European developers, for the first time in 3(?) years, they decide to not host a European RDC.

You can get the same viewing party experience at home with some snacks, watching the US livestream in a Discord group call with some developers.


This viewing party a joke. It feels like Roblox is just fooling us all this year. I would rather see them make an RDC EU later this year to compensate all developers in EU for taking such a decision. It’s just ridiculous, and this year, it’s like they not even discussed it at their HQ.

Oh, yes, because that makes sense. It’s not like people can watch a free liveatream at home, they need to pay to see it on a slightly bigger screen. Just making a huge discord group call with attenders at RDC US would be more of a RDC experience than this.

Oh yes, because it’s not like I just spent a few houndred dollars to just go there, now I will have to arrange the event myself because the Roblox refuses to do that themselves. It’s litterally paying Roblox to do work for them.

As I said, this event is ridiculous, and I hope we get some kind of compensation for it. This announcements for a hotelroom so late just proves that no one really thought through this when they pitched it to those who arranges this event.


Unlike the EU, you had the option to pick a Roblox approved hotel and once that went out of rooms, you had the extra rooms.

I’m lucky I live in the UK and can make it a weekend, for some this may not be possible and trying to book now VS in May when I book the hotel, travel, etc.

It’s nice that Roblox has offered it but, it’s a bit late to make last minute plans like this. It’s a bit of a joke, it would had been nice to be given the idea that we may look into this, but we advise booking your own, then peeps could pay for something more flexible and move if it was better.


My invite was given well after the rooms were sold out, so I did not have the option of those original rooms. While you are correct for some, its not entirely accurate for everyone.


Fair enough, based on the information based on what US attendees said in the socials, I felt that the move over was somewhat decent. The fact that it wasn’t is a bit unacceptable, I hope the travel isn’t too far.

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I want to be completely fair to Roblox here in that I do definitely appreciate the new hotel openings as it provides more opportunities for developers like me that can’t shell out hundreds per night for a separate hotel or airbnb elsewhere in the city; it actually makes it possible for me to attend now. I just wish these rooms had been available earlier when airfare and travel plans were cheaper as opposed to last minute as far as making travel arrangements are concerned.

I’m also well aware of the US’ current privilege of having RDC as opposed to the EU and rest of the world that only gets a viewing party, so I’m fortunate to at least have to option of getting there. As I said, just mainly disappointed in the timeframe and the change for EU RDC because it’s a complete 180 from what was originally stated to be the case.

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With all due respect to you guys for starting this out, this is way too late. It’s really frustrating in general how late all this information has come out, and its even more confusing that tickets are still being pushed a month before the event. The event not only seems very rushed, but even some of the promises made in the initial announcement don’t seem to have been kept, referring to the supposed multiple viewing parties that were meant to be announced by now.

While they did say it “may” be announced, I still feel that this year isn’t as organised as the previous ones, and additionally, as @Alvin_Blox said, it seems so far that even the base idea that “RDC is going Global” fell way too far from the tree. Infact, I don’t see how the event really can go global at this point, as the livestream is unlikely to be translated until after it has been hosted (and you’ve even got to consider timezones), and the event is still centred around the US. It’s so contradicting when the current corporate focus of the company right now is to expand and provide more support for international markets that it hasn’t got its foot in, while also hosting an event closest to its flagship target audience, with a English livestream that is unlikely to be translated in real time.

Also, given that there is a viewing party, I guarantee you that there will be a stagnant drop in attendees, particularly from people outside of the UK. For a half day event, spending hundreds on transport (flights,trains etc), even with the subsidised hotel cost, is certainly not worth the experience, especially when there is a livestream. It’s really counter-intuitive to travel to a viewing party just to watch a livestream that you could just as easily view at the comforts of your home, at minimal cost.

On another note (relating to RDC tickets in general)

In all honesty, It’s gotten to the point where most of us have received loads of messages about buying more tickets for RDC, that it’s actually putting people off attending. If I am correct, it does seem like none of the RDC events have actually sold out yet (given I can still buy tickets off both sites), So if that is the case, It’s really worrying that every email or message made on tickets for anything so far, have been designed to appeal to the supposed “scarcity” of those tickets, and the urgency of buying them. In both cases, there are definitely a limited amount of tickets, but from what I’ve seen on the UK, the emails sent don’t seem to be aiming to warn us that we may miss out, but instead are just trying to fill up spaces for an event that in most peoples cases, isn’t worth paying for. Maybe if this was announced sooner, this wouldn’t have been the case. (This is just my opinion, it’s likely to change).

It is not a mystery that EU was not meant to have an event, and I know for a fact there was plenty of speculation of there being any kind of EU event in the future and the reason there even is one, is likely due to the backlash from a supposed leak, a leak that stated that there wouldn’t be an EU event this year, so I know that the efforts in hosting this event and getting the hotel stuff out are bound to be rushed given the last minute nature of the event being hosted. Nevertheless, I appreciate you guys have got this out eventually. I just feel that, given the time and circumstances, this could’ve been handled much cleaner.


I would typically be the same, however when I looked and booked back in May, these was the prices for London Finsbury Park Travelodge

Infomation about the hotel's price and location

Google Maps showing the travel time by public transport from the hotel to RDC

The price for hotels was decent then for London and a decision should had been made and stuck to on if hotels should be offered. If you’re thinking about the money, you plan as far ahead as possible, this last moment booking attempts from Roblox doesn’t show hope.

I agree and the current replies have shown similar.


It makes complete sense. I had actually made the decision to not go given hotel rates in SF in the near area being extremely high, but given the recently opened discounted hotel rates I’m personally reconsidering the decision to not go.

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It’s great that Roblox is offering discounts at more hotels for the RDC US and EU Livestream. @EggYolked are you actually going to both RDCs?

I am extremely lucky to live in London and it’s only a 20-minute drive away from me. However, right now it just feels like only a few people are going. Everyone that I knew was going has backed out or thought it’s not worth it. I was really looking forward to it but even now I am having second thoughts. I think it’s also unfair that you guys book us a hotel a month before the whole event. I was going to let people crash at mine because literally there was a decline in accommodation. However, due to my house getting renovated I couldn’t. Maybe next year, you guys might host an RDC London or anywhere in Europe. I am quite disappointed. I like the effort you guys put into this. I know you’re not obliged to do this but if you wanted to make developers happy, a viewing party was a big no no.

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Was going to but then my dad said he was a bit busy in that month.