New Roblox Update Bugs Out

The latest update seems to have broken my game. Bindable events arent triggered/loaded in time for necessary communication for my game to work upon joining.

Before the update, I would have a script in ReplicatedFirst (for loading/intro/gui) and a script in PlayerStarterScripts. Once the script in StarterScripts receives the player’s data from the server, it will fire the intro script via bindable events and that script will fire back to the main script to launch the main game logic.

This doesn’t seem to work anymore. Any ideas?

Are you using WaitForChild to index the BindableEvents? Are the BindableEvents connected before its fired?

I’m pretty sure thats the main issue. How do you know the bindableevents are connected before firing? Bc I fire and it’s not printing anything. This happens when the mains script is loaded before the intro script

Yeah, I made it print in each script after the event code.

A case like this would not work:

However a case like this would work:

It seems to be random whether the game works or not.

wait for the client to fire the remote event to the server to signify that it’s loaded (with a timeout to prevent edge cases) and then fire back to the client


thanks this fixed it

Well, you could use a RemoteFunction for this. It’s the exact same, but it just does it slightly smoother.


i assumed that he’s using the event to send data to the client more than once, which would mean you’d need a remote function and event, as opposed to one event that the client only fires once