New showcase for my group

Hello everyone!

I made a new showcase game for my roblox group!
Here are some pictures:


Link to game
Link to group

I hope you enjoy the game!


This is really good, however I’m not sure I’m qualified to give feedback on this, since I’ve never made a showcase before.

Hello there,
the land you have made here look cozy, clam, Relax, and also beautiful. the place has incredible lightning and also land and don’t forget about your situation…


I can see that your picture have some problem because of the terrain and here why. in the world thin tree that can grow in the rocky terrain?
2.some of the tree leaf shape like a square. so I need you to fix that.

I think that all the problems that I can see in this picture. however, you must keep your eye pill on the place you put the model at the terrain so… look for a perfect spot to put a perfect tree.
and I have no word to say for the other picture so… I think that all for now and I will see you next time…



This is super outstanding. I don’t have any critiques, love it! :star_struck:

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Some aspects of this build are really cool, such as the realism and overall ambition. So I was quite interested in checking it out. Overall, I think its a beautiful build but has room for some improvements. I’m going to list them below and you can take this however you like.

The spawn area sticks out a lot. However, I feel like if it’s more focused on the cave, maybe add some more details around the area such as different variety of trees, bushes plants stoned rocks and more just to have a more natural feel to it at the moment the island is just placed with trees you could also include a building or parts inside the cave this could be torches, vines, mosses growing on the rock and ceiling part something to make it less empty and plain. I would recommend placing some floating particles or glowworms something like that could improve the overall design of it.

Anyway, great job on your build!

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This looks reallyyy good. (30char)