New TLDs lead to unfiltered links

Image says it all:

Because the .space TLD works, as seen with this
(I’m surprised didn’t get used)

Also notice the fact that the comment clearly contains http://, because why not.

Completely off-topic: Can we get rid of “Title must be at least 15 characters” already?

EDIT: Oh surprise, it’s our good friend Chiba Muller again.
Not the first time he makes a phishing website for ROBLOX.
(This is also a new one, with also Dutch formfields, which he always does)

Honestly, ROBLOX should probably just blacklist anything that can be turned into a URL and only whitelist certain URLs. Wouldn’t be that hard, to be honest, but people will always find a way to circumvent it, and it may end up filtering real posts.

Another thing they could do is block messages containing ‘http://’ - it’ll probably throw the scammer(s) off for a bit while they try and figure out why their messages are being filtered.

But really, we need to educate the users more. Maybe another set of blog posts?

Anything including “free” “robux” & “http” should be flagged for moderation. Or maybe a combination of the three.

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I’m thinking (‘free’ and ‘robux’) or (‘robux’ and ‘http’) - because that’s probably the most conservative for legitimate posts

“New TLDs lead to unfiltered links”

It took me four hours to come up with this title for you. You’re welcome.


Better than “New TLDs (Title must be at least 15 characters)” for sure.