New to 3D Modeleling, need suggestions

Hey there. I used to build on studio alot throughout 2017-2018 but I quit and decided to come back. Trying to develop a new portfolio and learn some techniques in Blender too as a main place to start modelling. I’m still new and started 2 days ago and have been trying to learn and search up some objects to try and practice building. I’ve been following a tutorial online that has helped alot and feel like stepping it up a notch!

In need of some model suggestions I should try attempt that you think is good practice! I’ll post the models below when I complete it.

(Current buildings I’ve made. O_O)

Also if you have any videos or people that are good I can check out let me know!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi!!! I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been using blender for 3 years, and I’ve learned a lot of tips. If you want to add me on discord, dm me your tag and I will add you!. I can give u some tips on learning blender more in depth

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Hey! That’d be super cool. My discord is Lana#7219. Thanks for the reply as well.

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Here you go, this guy has loads of tutorials and is so good. Check out this series and his channel

Low poly trees are always welcome, try making different types and variants.

hey there! Thhat looks good, will definitely try it out and I’ll send a picture in here when completed. Thanks for the reply!

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Ooh yeah, the darn Trees! Will make some and send a few pictures in here. : )

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I’d definitely suggest practicing by modelling things from reference.

For realism, look around in your room and find an object you’d think would be interesting or challenging to model, then get onto work and constantly check how the selected object looks like in real life.
Really try to get into the tiny details of it all. Try and push yourself as much as possible to produce something you’d be proud of.

Speaking of stylized/low poly models, you could take the same approach as what I’ve suggested for realism and try to stylize something in your room, or even create a scene of your kitchen, bedroom or whatever you wish.
Rooms in a house usually have a lot of detail and depth to modelling, with all the props and furniture scattered around you’ll surely stay busy working on it.

Other than that, looking at concept art on various websites can also be inspiring, as well as following online modelling tutorials (similar to the well you’ve done).

As for other modelling tips, just keep on searching for tutorials and finding out about new tools to use to improve your workflow.