New to Animation Editor: Inverse Kinematics

oh my gosh yES!

This is amazing!


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Dangit… I was really hoping for custom rig support. Well, I guess regular rigs will be a lot cooler now at least.
It’s a great step in the right direction!


Thank you for this feature!

Now it’s time to update the roadmap again:


someone get these people a raise


I might actually be able to create animations now!


Yes, eventually we would like to support custom rigs! For now, we’re hoping to discover what works and what doesn’t with the current system on regular rigs.


This is really cool, however I stopped liking the animation editor after the migration to using plugin widgets. I really don’t like it as it always snaps onto places I don’t want it to, and it has that bar at the top, wasting valuable screen space. Can’t really get it the right size either as the contents don’t scale nicely. An example of good screen space efficiency I think is with Moon Suite. I want to try this but I don’t want to but myself through the torment of the new editor.
Maybe a bit dramatic and off topic, but you get the point.


Bit of a necro bump, sorry, but every time I try to use the IK editor, it crashes within a minute or two of enabling it.


Yep, lots of posts about this.


It was said that a fix was being made 29 days ago. No word back yet.


@ContextLost has created a fix for this crash, it should go out in the next version of Studio and can hopefully be enabled sometime next week.


Hey! im having an issue i wish i could add IK to my custom character, it basically meets all of the requirements (All of the Limbs are named exactly the same as the ones of a blocky R15) no idea why it doesnt work.

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I can’t to see custom rig support for this! I’ve been wanting inverse kinematics for some time now. :smile:

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Looking at your joint list, they all appear to be at the same hierarchy level. Are you sure your Motor6D setup matches that of the default R15?

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From the looks of things, the model doesn’t have any Motor6D joints assembling the rig together.

Yeah i used a plugin to rig it (It might be an old one)

i will give it another try

Moved this bug-report to the appropriate place:


I would love to use this more…
I hope all this works good offline!

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