New UGC Concept!

Hello! I made another UGC concept! Please leave your honest opinions on it.

Thanks for reading :grinning:


I like the hat but the top of the hat gets slightly bigger as you go up not sure if it was meant to be there or not but if it isn’t I think it should be fixed but the hat is great overall.


The band looks to small or the hat is to big.

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Yes, it is supposed to be there. I feel like it gives it more of that top hat feel. I will make it less bigger at the top.

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Yes, I also think so. I will fix that right now.

It’s good, but it has too many faces.

Okay, thanks for the feedback. I will change the amount.

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it’s pretty basic, try adding some more things to it

Okay. This is my first concept. The other ones I made did not work :confused:

Something that hasn’t been suggested as far as I can see is that usually top hats are worn with hair underneath, so I’d have it raised slightly above the user’s head, so hair can fit underneath without too much clippage.

Feel free to skim past this nitpick, the design is awesome as it is, awesome job! :grin:

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Thank you for the feedback!!!

Its looks really neat but i would make it a little taller but you should try to get in the UGC

Okay! Thank you for the feedback! I am not really sure how to. If you know any way I can please tell me.

I think in blender if you use that Its just a simple raise for it i am not to sure sorry i only saw this ina video

Yes, I know how to do it in Blender. I was wondering how to get into the UGC program LOL.

Ohhhh i think you have to show on like twitter or here concepts to get at least noticed and maybe in but honestly i have no clue im just going off what ive seen

Okay. I am not aloud to have Twitter : /

Then i honestly have no clue sorry but if you keep putting them probably will bc it looks really good for a top hat

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Okay. Thanks for your help. I’ll look more into it.

looks pretty good!
have you tried making them different colors and sizes?
as to fit different head sizes,
other than that good work!
what do you use to make this?

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