[NEW] vcstc | Graphic Designer

Heyo. I’m vcstc, and I’m a Graphic Designer. I make fashion and scene graphics, and sometimes digital art too. I began my voyage of making graphics on May 2018, and I’m still making them up until now.

Notable groups I have designed for:

⍟ River Park Middle School
⍟ Maldivian Resort and Spa
⍟ Ruby Resort
⍟ Victorious
⍟ Creamise Bakery
⍟ Agoura Hotels & Resorts
⍟ Cuties Clothing

Fashion Icons

Fashion Thumbnails

Scene Icons

Scene Thumbnails

⍟ FASHION THUMBNAILS - 230 :robux_light:

⍟FASHION ICONS - 170 :robux_light:

⍟ SCENE THUMBNAILS 480 - 2,000 :robux_light:

⍟ SCENE ICONS 380 - 1,700 :robux_light:


Don’t pay before you have received your order! I cannot ensure you that I’ll be able to make your order in time. This is also because IF I need to cancel your order.
I accept ROBUX from GROUP FUNDS.
I won’t be able to do your order under a day if you have ordered a scene.
I may cancel your order if I cannot do it within your range of time, or if you don’t respond within a week. (7 days)
:x: I will not do ANY of these in my commissions.

Trading (ex. A custom-made intro for a banner)
Betting (ex. If you win a game, you get a free graphic)
Show your order without pending payment overlays
Nagging (ex. Nagging me to finish the order quickly may get you banned from my services. Please consider cooperating with my time schedule.)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ventichip1
Discord: spencer#1334


Sent a request on discord, My user is Dylon