Newbie beginner trying to do GFX

Hello, I am trying to learn GFX because I want originality and I’m tired of copying other people’s assets to make my life easier. I want a change. I posted this because I want to know the latest and best applications I can use from you guys, I usually go for the intermediate softwares because I can learn them easily if they have an understandable UI without tutorials.

I am planning to make a game similar to these artworks

(You can find more examples by looking at gameplay)

The way they made it vibrant and gradient is a eye candy to me and I like it. So guys suggest software’s that will help a beginner like me. I am currently using


Check this open sourced game out:

You can learn how to do these cool animations and get some inspiration :smiley:

A good picture editing program is GIMP. It’s completely free and open-source.

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There’s, which is a free alternative to Photoshop. It’s very similar to it as well! There’s also Krita(, which is pretty similar to Photoshop as well.

Edit: Personally I use an actual site), which is pretty similar to Gimp.

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ye I already know the game and I know its open sourced but I feel disgust and unsatisfaction of myself for just even clicking edit. I can guess how he made the animations but I want to know how to make UI.

You should not feel guilty if your intention is to learn. Only if you steal the stuff and claim as if you have made them yourself. If your goal is to improve it is okay to learn from other people’s work.

If you want to make professional UIs you should go with some vector designing software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (there might be better options for the stuff you want to make), but of course you can make it with Photoshop or Paint.NET too.

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is adobe illus free? or is there a only a trial version? cause im not paying and im not pirating

You can also use window’s paint 3D, it has worse features then photoshop, but it’s free and is compatible with new people. You also don’t have to download anything then, and make your computer safer with viruses(If you’re using Windows)