Newly added player's position in the game.Players table

Does anyone know if, when a player joins a server while it is running, where in the game.Players table they are placed? Is it at the end, at the beginning or is it totally random?

Another thing that has been bothering me for sometime, is there a way to add an additional player after you have started running a game in studio - if i knew if this was possible i could test out my first question.

Hope someone can clarify.

I’m pretty sure they’re added to the end, if not, alphabetically.

Yes, click the test tab on top of the screen and there you can select how many players there should be.

If you want to add a player’s position to a table when they join a game, there is a much better way of doing it.

local Positions = {}

table.Insert(Positions, P.Character.Torso.Position)

Edit: Nvm about that last part. Read the title wrong lol

@C0lvy123 - wow you are right - if i set the number of players to 1 in the server panel and then click start it adds 1 player to the existing game - i always assumed that this would just start a second server instance - fantastic really appreciate your help.

@incapaxx - using C0lvy123’s method i was able to test my initial question and you were right, the players are added at the end - i tested right up to player10 to see if it could be alphabetical but it wasn’t - again thanks for your help.