Newly inserted GUI* object to maintain ZIndex of Parent object in Studio

As a Roblox developer, it is currently a bit of an annoyance to change the ZIndex of a GUI* object when it is inserted into a setup with a parent that already has a ZIndex higher than 1.

The feature request is to make a newly inserted GUI* object have the ZIndex of the GUI* object it is being inserted into. This feature request is only for studio edits, not to change the behavior for GUI* objects.

Example, “MusicFrame” has a ZIndex of 2. Inserting a Frame into “MusicFrame” would automatically give the newly inserted frame a ZIndex of 2.

With this feature, GUI development would be sped up and it would take a tiny bit of weight off of “non think” Roblox dev time. This feature could also remove potential headaches for new studio users who are just figuring out ZIndex, an example is they could have “lost” a frame under their current GUI* setup due to ZIndex differences.


This should only be the case when ZIndexBehavior is set to Global, since it would be annoying for it to assume the zindex in Sibling behavior.