[NewSite] Sidebar/NavBar Cannot Scroll

So, earlier today the new Website design got pushed out to myself. It works as expected on my iMac, yet as soon as I go onto my Macbook with a smaller screen resolution I hit this issue.

When the page loads, by default the sidebar is hidden - Which is understandable. However, once made visible I am unable to scroll it. Any attempt to do so will simply scroll the entire page down.

As you can see in the screenshot, I’m missing the ‘Blog’ page and the Summer Games event buttons at the bottom of the list.

EDIT: After some more testing. Sometimes it will work upon first load of the page. However a large portion of the time it shall not.

EDIT 2: This issue is only occurring within Safari, when tested in other browsers scrolling would work as expected. Also, when the sidebar is opened multiple times in a row - scrolling will work.

Update - Upon the navigation sidebar being opened, if you resize your browser it will allow for scrolling to work - or change your zoom.

Still a fairly large issue, as I’d rather not have to do this every-time I want to get to the blog/events on my Macbook.

Any update on a possible fix for this would be greatly appreciated.