Nexus VR Character Model [Open Source]

Hey I have an issue, it doesnt work when I do function onTouch(hit) on the VR. how would I fix this?

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Oh and when using smooth locomotion the player can walk through walls?

Touched events may not work as intended. You may need to work on your own solution.

Smooth locomotion is missing quite a bit of functionality. I don’t have plans to implement this because of how motion sick I got initially developing it and how much I would get adding new functionality. If you want/need this functionality, please create a GitHub pull request with the changes so it can be added to the standard version.

Thank you very much! This is really awesome and SUPER appreciated.

How do I make it so you don’t have to Teleport And want it to walk

You need to open the loader script and remove the Teleport movement method and set the default movement method to SmoothLocomotion. The lines you are looking for look like this:

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Thanks for letting me know I Appreciate it!

This correct Right?

EnabledMovementMethods = {

    --Default movement method.
	DefaultMovementMethod = "SmoothLocomotion",

If you want players to be able to teleport by switching their movement manually using the menu (see the latest demo video for how), then yes. If you want only smooth locomotion, you need:

    EnabledMovementMethods = {

    --Default movement method.
    DefaultMovementMethod = "SmoothLocomotion",

Can we remove the menu?
And also, can we make it so the player only sees their arms?

How do I make this r6 compatible?

This functionality doesn’t exist but can. Why do you want to remove the menu though?

This isn’t a feature. What is the use case for only showing your arms?

Nexus VR Character Model never has and won’t support R6. Supporting R6 and R15 is more complicated to design for and doubles the testing requirement. R15 is already ahead in terms of features supported by Roblox and will grow as time goes on. You really should move on to use R15 instead of R6.

Just curious, do you plan to add VR collision? if it isn’t added already

Was gonna think of implementing this, but I read it doesn’t work too well with the valve index which I own.

See: Can Walk through places in smooth locomotion smooth locomotion has no turning theres no jumping · Issue #3 · TheNexusAvenger/Nexus-VR-Character-Model · GitHub

Possible more Valve Index support such as using chat?

I won’t be optimizing for specific headsets, especially ones I don’t have. See the note I have in the GitHub repository under limitations:

Since I am making a game where you do move your arms & wrists around a lot, and I don’t want the menu to just pop up out of nowhere when you turn your wrists.

I take back what I said, I wasn’t thinking about it clearly. I thought that if it didn’t show the arms, it would be more comfortable, but nevermind about that.

Yo is there a way to get things like chat to work with the HTC Vive controllers?

You should be able to with any VR headset that properly uses 2 controllers. See the change log: