Nightrains's Building Plugin [BETA]


I’m so excited to introduce you to a plugin I made:

This plugin is a collection of useful tools to build much more easily and efficiently, etc, contains 10 tools with different functions and is in phase BETA, so I’ll add more tools, is made for use by both professional and novice builders, and its tools are simple but useful. At first it was just a personal plugin I used when building.

What does this plugin include?
It has a very similar design to ROBLOX Studio, compatible with the dark and light theme, you can also create shortcuts for each tool.
That’s what the menu looks like:

4695be21605b8a43fba3a72d754cb3c7 Quick Paint:
Change the color of parts just by clicking on them, you can use BrickColors or Color3.


icon2 Select Part:
Select a part or multiple parts even if they are inside a model. (Useless, you can press Alt and click :confused:)

icon3 Surface Texturer:
Add textures to parts by clicking on them.

icon4 Replace Color:
Changes the color of the descendants of a Model whose color matches with other color.

icon5 Gap Fill:
Yes, I made this with Stravant’s Gap Fill Module, credits to him, is exactly the same except for the interface.

icon6 Region Select:
Select the parts that are inside a Region3, or only entirely inside.
Captura Captura2

icon7 Weld:
Weld a part or multiple parts to another part, very simple and easy.

icon8 Find Matches:
Not only useful for building, but also for many other things. Selects all descendants of selection/s whose value of a specific property matches.

icon9 Model Stamper:
This is my favorite, and it took me a long time to do it, easily place models wherever you want, and press R to rotate.

And you have many options:

icon10 Multi Resizer: (please give me ideas for another name)
Is similar to SBS, with this you can resize multiple parts at time, and you can choose the resize mode.

Those are all the tools there are so far, remember you can create shortcuts. I hope you like this is one of my first plugins! :sweat_smile:

Which do you like more?

  • Quick Paint
  • Model Stamper
  • Select Part
  • Surface Texturer
  • Region Select
  • Weld
  • Find Matches
  • Replace Color
  • Gap Fill
  • Mutli Resizer

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Looks great, may try this out.


This looks like a more fun version of SBS! I might need to come back to studio to try this puppy out!


How’s this different from alt-clicking an object?


I didn’t know that trick :neutral_face:, If you know another trick like that, tell me.


I actually made a plugin for that. Sometimes holding alt gets annoying, especially if you’re selecting tons of parts.

So this still has a good use case for me personally.


This is really interesting and useful to use!


Seems like a great plugin.

However, I’m constantly getting this error:

I’m not able to use the plugin even though it’s up to date. :frowning:


Fixed, you should be able to use it by now.


Yep, it’s fixed now.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! With the Multi Resizer, resizing multiple parts will be easier, saving me time!

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De nada!, try the different modes to see what they do.

What plugins do you all recommend for building on studio?