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Hello, I’m Larry. I’m a UI Designer, Programmer and coffee addict. I have been on the roblox platform for about 10 years and started programming in late 2009, I used it as an outlet to express myself for a while and eventually I found myself working with awesome people on amazing projects.

Star6ix (StarMarine614, TrustMeImRussian, ToadRBLX, ExoGuti, and DrKevin) as a Lead Developer
Ballistic Studios (TrustMeImRussian, Doctr_oof, TactBacon) as Lead Programmer/Co-Founder
Lootbox Interactive (Aaaboy97, Doctr_oof, Chris0matic) as Lead Programmer
Nil (Doctr_oof) as Co-Founder/Programmer


Operation Metro

I was the lead programmer on Operation Metro, I helped program the UI, 3D world interactions, map effects and main framework. I also programmed the initial weapon framework that was later redone by another great developer. I love this project, the entire team that touched this project is some of the coolest people I’ve met on Roblox. @TrustMeImRussian was an amazing builder and @doctr_oof put in amazing work on the UI.


I handled VR, UI Programming, and map interaction. This is one of my favorite projects and is a great showcase of not only my work but the entire team who worked on it, at the time (and probably still is) this project was really big in the theme park genre. The game was very optimized and with everything going on we were able to get the game to even run smoothly on mobile.

Lunar Valley

I was the lead programmer of Lunar Valley, I did all the UI Design, UI Programming, Map Interaction, and all the internals for the game. (yes, the UI was a rip of GTA and it’s not that impressive. Also, no this isn’t Moon City, it was made by people who have worked on Moon City. Carthay and I)


Roplex VR

IK Rigs
I didn’t really get to far into this, I quit working on this because Roblox VR honestly just isn’t my thing. I hated the VR changes that were made and decided I was not going to waste my time on it.


I have worked on a few plugins here and there.

I was making this just to see if ViewportFrames worked in Plugin Widgets, I figured they would but people asked me to make it into a full plugin to have extra viewports. – it has its own color chosing dialog based on windows

No Limits 2 Coaster Generator
Our builder for Roplex created the splines for the coasters in No Limits 2, so he needed a way to import the spline.


OLD fps stuff

Not offering any services, will update later if I am looking for work or offering services.

You can contact me through the forums, Discord, Roblox or Twitter.
Discord: nil#9999

I know my portfolio is a bit empty right now, I will be expanding it over time. Few years back I went through and removed every single project, asset and games (completed) that I worked on. I wanted my projects look high quality, and play smooth. I will be adding more screenshots, videos and information on the main showcases I’ve displayed. I ran out of time and have to get ready for work :frowning:


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