NK-studio is hiring!

NK-studio is hiring! Are you the perfect fit? Let’s get in to it.
The team: nk1915 lead developer
alantano scripter
fleurfoxfin designer

About the job: At NK-studio we strive to make entertaining and safe games. We need more members of our team so we are hiring!

Job: The job we are looking for is a scripter we want a experienenced and master class scripter not just an ordianary one.

Job requirements:
Must be over 9 years old
Scripting on ROBLOX for 8+ months
Must have a clear understanding of ROBLOX lua
Must show examples of your scripting

Nice to have
Being able to communicate with other members
Tablet for testing
Fast laptop\PC
Like to help other people

Payment: No payment only for big milestones this is a job where you volunteer.

Job application: please message me through devforum or ROBLOX covering all the things that I mentioned.

Hope you get accepted,

Kind regards, NK-studio development team


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