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smooth version

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Well, what are you aiming for? I need to know what you’re trying to make to give better feedback. I’m honestly not sure what I’m looking at.

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Is it a grenade or an apple. I cannot really tell what it is so maybe give it more detail.

I would rate it a 10/10.Becuase you have did a nice art texture and it look pretty good keep up the good work :grinning:

I would rate it a 5/10. It’s really hard to tell from the image what you are going for, but I recommend increasing the tri’s in the model because it looks more like a grenade than a fruit. Good luck!


Okay,thank you for your idea,i will try it then.

I’d rate it a 6/10, the detail you put into it is decent, but it’s not enough to stand out in personality. It’s pretty good overall though, you’ll grow better over the time!

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Very blocky so its a low-poly blocky apple? Looks alright if that’s what you’re going for.

What is this supposed to be? I’d like to know what it is 1st before I give me feedback.

what about this smooth version?


I sort of like it regarding this is your first mesh.

So your attempt at creating a mesh looks alright, however, there isn’t much feedback we can give on a small object I would recommend creating more - possibly different shapes of apples, maybe add some in a wooden box correct me if I’m wrong, but since your going for a low poly - cartoony look they’re normally not smooth looking they sort of have those edges.

I recommend practicing more and then showing more meshes that you’ve created rather than a single example. on a note you aren’t allowed to ask for an “x/10” rating on your build this is considered as spam.

Looks better but of course if it’s an apple, it wouldn’t be just its ripe green skin everywhere but the inside would be different in color.

I’m not a modeler or builder or artist so don’t expect my opinion to be as good as someone who is one but this is just my view.

I actually like this raw apple, that’s kinda great, make the pulp having a lighter color.

The title sounds a little clickbaity, like you’re trying to get people to disagree that its bad. I think this because A. you put it up for others to see and B. its in cool creations. The apple looks fine to me, a little tall and the bite looks unnatural. It looks like it’s rotting. Otherwise, I don’t see a problem with it.