No documentation on wait(x)'s result


See wait()'s entry here:

The description does not explain what either of the function’s 2 return values are. It would be nice to have this fixed.


It clearly indicates that it returns number, number. What’s not clear about that?? /s


I shall suppose the /s stands for sarcasm.


I’ll take the blame for that one, whoops.
Personally I’ve never used the return values of wait(), but I wanted to make sure their return types were listed.

@Ozzypig Could you take a look at this? Should be under the Lua Documents.


I’ve updated the description to include information on the return types. CTRL+F5 to update. As always, I’m open to wording suggestions if you have any.

(edit: don’t forget to mark this post as the solution!)

What is the 2nd parameter of wait?