About Us

We are an upcoming game development studio creating an among us inspired game. This is a project we had started months ago but had paused for several reason but we are now resuming.

@zackslater | Modeler
@ZeroCantAim | Scripter, UI, Animations
@Pro_Brigade | Builder

Sneak Peeks

About The Job

We are looking for 15-20 closed beta testers to test and give feedback and suggestions on a very early stage of our game. You will need to fill out a quick form to apply. Note that you will be subject to a background check if you have correctly filled out the form. You will be testing a stage of the game that only consists of the basic game functions including one map and the gameplay of it.


There will be no physical payment for this task though you will gain a “Closed Beta” discord role and exclusive game accessory.

Contact Us

You can contact us only though discord for this job which can be found in our social links. You can dm me through the server or through the #social-chat channel of the server. The tester application is in the #server-announcements channel of the discord server.

Social Links

Discord Server
Roblox Group

If you have any further inquiries, please reply to this post with them


Ok lets resolve this like professionals so stop arguing

@zackslater is making a game that is similar to the recent hit among us now we are fearing that his game might be taken down, lets list reasons for that

  • He has the same character design
  • The gameplay is almost the same
  • The UI has the same type of layout
  • Kill mechanics look alike
  • Same aboard a spaceship theme

The reasons listed above could put all of your hard work in the drain @zackslater if among us devs take a look at your game:

  • A potential lawsuit could be filed
  • You could have to pay a fine

So my suggestion to you is that you embrace originality and make it a little bit different notice I said a little bit what I am trying to get out here is that try to make the spaceship setting a hotel setting or something like that and change the character to a version that is less similar to the among us characters

Overall I really love the gameplay so far and I think it looks great definitely a game I’d play :grin:



We thank you for the feedback but here is where there needs to be a developer/community trust.

We have researched the DMCA aspects of a video game and they can only file one if we are taking assets.

Though our ui designs may be in the same style, they are completely different. Our report button is a button while Among Us’s is an exclamation point. Their use button is just a triangle and ours is a button.

For the map, our other maps are going to be completely different. We just thought a spacey type one would be cool as most games have spacey type maps. Our next few are going to have original themes that are completely unlike among us.

There is also another role we are adding to the game that is completely original. I have not seen anything like it really in any other game.

Once again, this is where trust is needed. There are a lot of things about our game that we cannot say at the moment so all we need is for you to trust in what we’re doing.

Please don’t think of these replies as arguing and hate comments as well as we don’t either. We thank you for taking the time to write these and help us.


Still looking for 8 more testers.


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