No one is playing my simulator game, please help me

Hello, I am currently developing a game called Honey Bun Simulator. I constantly update, but the number of CCU of my game is 0. I think the thumbnail of the game is very nice, the graphics and game mechanics are very nice, the game is already a simulator game and I prepared a video for the game and shared its trailers on social media. But it is not played in any way. Can you give suggestions? Can you help me? Thank you.

For me i tried the game, I kinda just felt over whelmed by all the UI, But i guess thats the new trend, Description looks good, Expect i would lower the update log to the bottom of the description, New people wont care for updates unless they like the game. The icon could use some work, Use code: UPDATE1 I would not click on that, You should only really do this if you have a fanbase (my opinon) But other thing you have to think, That your game just looks like another cash grab game, What makes it better from other games like that? Unless you already made that a thing… (Also what do you mean by social media? Tiktok, Youtube, twitter, Cause I would say post videos about your game on tiktok and youtube shorts) Also it seems your game never even had a chance so keep improving it and trying to get it seen… Cause at the moment it does not appear in the search