No option to allow users to copy a package?

Not sure which category I could post this in, so I chose scripting support. I apologize if i posted this in the wrong place.

So I am making a modulescript that people will be able to use using the require() function. I finished making the first version of the script, but I can’t find any option to allow users to copy the package. (Closed-source modules were removed so I have to allow copying)

Where can I uncopylock the package?

Go on to your model’s page and do the steps shown in the photo.

In text, click on the 3 dots on the left of the model’s name. After that, click “Configure”.

Then, click “Allow Copying”.
After that click the “Save” button.
Hope this helped :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking your time to reply! This worked, but I needed to click “Save to ROBLOX” instead.